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What to Expect During the Scan

Your visit with us is a very thorough process. It begins with simple preparation steps that must be strictly followed before you arrive (click here for Pre-Thermographic Imaging Instructions). Please remember to follow the instructions closely to ensure scan accuracy. 


Once arriving at the clinic, you’ll be directed to the thermography room to get undressed from the waist up and put a gown on open in the back. You’ll be given some forms to fill out and sign (informed consent, health history intake) in the room. That will give you a chance to get acclimated to the exam room’s environment (5-10 minutes)—it’s important for your body to reach a steady temperature state in equilibrium with the temperature conditions of the room.


The examination begins with a visual inspection of the surface of the breasts. This is a standard procedure that correlates any surface findings with the infrared images.  Your personal data will then be entered into our computer system. 


You will then be positioned in front of the imaging system so that all the surfaces of the breasts, upper chest, and under arms are imaged.  


A series of 6 images of your breasts will be taken. You will then submerge both your hands in a cold-water bath (1-3 minutes); a step called “cold challenge”. After you dry your hands, another series of 6 images of the breasts will then be taken. 


The doctor will then go over the thermal images with you briefly explaining the usual thermographic markers that we usually look for. If by any chance, there’s a suspicious finding found on any of the images; she’ll perform the clinical breast examination to verify the abnormalities. You’ll be given some of the thermogram pictures to take home with you. Dr. Vo will be the one who personally analyzes your images. A written detailed report will be mailed to you later (at no additional cost). Depending on the results of the initial scan, a repeat scan is usually recommended from 4 weeks to one year from the first scan. 


Please remember during the scan, there will be no discussion of breast care treatment. If you want to discuss treatment options for your breast health, you must schedule a separate visit with the doctor. Please check with our front desk staff to schedule for that. 


Thank you for choosing our center and we look forward to meeting you.

By Dr. Mylinh Vo, ND, ABAAHP