Dr. Mylinh Vo, ND, ABAAHP • Anti-Aging & Bio-Identical Hormone Specialist Since 1997

Dr. Mylinh Vo, ND, ABAAHP

Dr. Mylinh Vo is a graduate of Bastyr University, a well-known accredited naturopathic medical school in Kenmore, Washington. Since 1997, she has been practicing as a bio-identical hormone specialist providing naturopathic care for many wellness-seeking patients in the Greater Puget Sound and Greater Seattle areas.


Dr. Vo has been board certified as an Anti-aging Functional Medicine specialist. She is an active member of the Washington Association of Naturopathic Physician, American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine ABAAM or A4M, and the Association of the Advancement of Restorative Medicine AARM. 


Dr. Vo sees herself primarily as a health educator providing one-on-one coaching promoting the important roles of nutrition, “Foods as Medicine,” healthful lifestyle counseling, and proper hormone balancing to achieve optimal health. Dr. Vo’s goal is to help patients recognize their biochemical individualities associated with their genetic and environmental uniqueness and through comprehensive assessment, providing individualized care for each of her patients. She specializes in all endocrine dysfunctions, gynecological issues, gastrointestinal inflammations, metabolic detoxification, metabolic disorders, autoimmune disorders, and other chronic inflammatory diseases. Dr. Vo continues to further her knowledge by attending various post-doctorate training courses and conferences yearly on topics such as Menopause, Functional Medicine, Anti-Aging Medicine, Regenerative and Restorative Endocrinology, Women’s Health, and many more.


Other than practicing medicine, Dr. Vo’s other life passions are to spend time with her family and her two dogs Oreo and Butterscotch exploring the beautiful Pacific Northwest, camping, cooking, gardening, reading, and keeping her work and life routines in balance.

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