Dr. Mylinh Vo, ND, ABAAHP • Anti-Aging & Bio-Identical Hormone Specialist Since 1997

A Natural Approach to Menopause: It’s An Individual Choice

Today in the United States, nearly 60 million women are experiencing menopause. This number will grow to approximately 120 million by the year 2025.Many women today are seeking natural support for menopause since natural treatment strategies focus on both symptom relief and disease prevention.


Menopause is defined as the loss of ovarian function, characterized by the actual cessation of menses. Symptoms may include hot flashes, or night sweats, decreased vaginal lubrication, thinned vaginal lining, mood swings, insomnia, depression, urinary problems and incontinence, vaginal irritation, painful intercourse, diminished sexual function, including loss of libido and loss of sexual response, forgetfulness, and impaired concentration ability. Menopausal women therefore are faced with the challenge of managing a barrage of symptoms, both physiological and psychological, as well as the increased risk of age-related disease, particularly heart disease and osteoporosis.


At Restore Balance Natural Health Center, I offer a multitude of treatment options for my menopausal women. The extensive researches done on Hormone Replacement Therapy in the last 5 decades have now allowed women to have more choices when it comes to choosing whether HRT is the best option for them and if so, which form of HRT. Due to the recent studies showing the adverse health effects of conventional synthetic HRT and their links to increased cancer risk, increasingly women are now turning to a more natural and safer approach—using nutrititional supplements, herbs, making healthful dietary and lifestyle choices or using bio-identical hormones. Ultimately, the choice is yours to make.


In treating menopausal conditions, my primary roles are:

  • to emphasize that menopause is not a disease, but rather a natural transition in life—another hormonal storm that a woman may go through just like what she went through during puberty;
  • to provide you with the latest research information on HRT and share with you what has been effective from my clinical experiences in resolving any menopausal symptoms you might be having;
  • to test your current level of hormones either through blood test, urinary or salivary test, and other innovative laboratory assessment;
  • to review your biochemical and genetic uniqueness together with your family history so you can weigh all the pros and cons of HRT;
  • to offer you the best choices that fit your lifestyle, belief system, experiences, and biochemical uniqueness.The choices here include diet and lifestyle changes, herbal treatment, and bio-identical “natural” hormones;
  • to help my patient recognize that total endocrine hormone balance (balancing all sex hormones, adrenal hormones, and thyroid hormones) is the key to regain health and wellness;
  • and should you decide to take bio-identical hormones, to support your bodily systems to process, metabolize, and eliminate hormone by-products via enhancing liver, kidney, and gastrointestinal health for the best and most optimal hormone processing possible.


I understand that many menopausal or peri-menopausal women now are highly educated and they seek what’s best for them knowing there are many treatment options available to address the menopausal symptoms. I also recognize that no woman goes through menopause the same so treatment needs to be individualized and customized to meet each of my patient’s needs. I also am aware based on my experiences that not all women need natural/bio-identical HRT for their menopausal issues; a lot do ride through this hormonal storm successfully using only nutritional support, some herbs, and/or making some lifestyle and dietary changes without any use of hormones. Once I get to know you, your body, and your family history well, I am certain that together we can come up with the best and well-educated option for you. My job is to do whatever it takes to support your body through this transitional time and prepare your body for the next productive and purposeful phase of your life—the post-menopausal life!

By Dr. Mylinh Vo, ND, ABAAHP